Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Top 5 Beauty Essentials!

1. Too Faced Natural Eye kit -
I was disappointed when I couldn't get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked eye palette when it was first introduced to the market as I love neutral eye colours. However, I then noticed this alternative kit by Too Faced. Feeling pessimistic about trying another product, I sheepishly opened the packaging and found myself pleasantly surprised. Inside are 9 colours split into 3 different looks; 'day', 'classic' and 'fashion' which allow you to create the perfect look. And there's no need to worry if you're not the make-up connoisseur as the kit also contains 3 helpful cards which show you how to create each look. These eye shadows are smooth, glide over the skin easily and blend really well - I love this palette!

2. Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment -
Some may say I am biased about Dermalogica products as this is the brand we use in the salon. However, there is a reason I rave about this brand, and this product is no different! I am unfortunate enough to say that I suffer from very dry lips, and no other products seem to help. This Dermalogica lip treatment is silky smooth and stays put all day. Unlike many other lip products, it doesn't just coat my lips, it works with my skin to help heal my damaged skin and provide a barrier against further climatic damage. A definate must-have, especially during those winter months!

3. Bobbi Brown Blush -
I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown's cosmetics, especially her long-lasting pigmented blush in Coral, the ideal shade to add a 'pop' of colour to your cheeks.

4. Jimmy Choo EDP -
Available in 3 different sizes; 40ml, 60ml and 100ml, this EDP is most definitely my favourite scent of the year! Not only is this heavenly scent sweet enough for day time wear, the seductive notes also make it almost impossible to resist for evening wear also. To add even more emphasis to how lovely this perfume really is, it also looks amazing on my dresser. I have had so many compliments whilst wearing this perfume, which is why it has made it on my list of top 5 beauty essentials!

5. Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer -
I owe this concealer a lot for allowing me to get away with late nights and boozy evenings! It is the ultimate concealer for covering spots, pigmentation, dark circles and redness, whilst also containing an SPF! Perfect!


  1. i might have to try a bobbi brown blusher, i love corals.

  2. They're lovely :) really pigmented and the colour lasts all day x