Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Me & My poor bank card!

Tuesday is my day off which is usually spent in bed and lazing around the house.. But today I fancied a change! So what does a single, bored girl who's just been paid do? Go shopping of course, which is very bad news for my bank balance! 

At first I decided that I would just buy a new digital camera (after mine broke in a nightclub over 2 years ago and hadn't been replaced since) so that I could upload images onto my blog.. but it turns out that Argos is right next to a whole array of other shops too tempting to resist! 

So here's a few photos of what I bought, not including my camera which I used to take these photos (Sorry about the bad lighting - It's very dark here!):

I found this OPI set in my local Sally's, RRP £19.99.They come with these cute toe separators too! The two varnish colours are Rainbow Connection (left) and Excuse Moi! (right) which are from the new Muppets collection.

Glittery polishes, perfect for nights out.

I also found these China Glaze mini's whilst in Sally's, with an RRP of just under £10 (I think!) The camera didn't pick up the colours very well as it is very dark in my house; however, I will do swatches at some point! These are perfect Christmas colours to get you in that festive mood! From left to right; Tinsel Town, Icicle, Ring in the Red and Velvet Bow.

I have been trying to find a pair of earmuffs for a little while now and for £3 (Matalan) this pair is perfect for me! They look a little similar to the ones French Connection are currently selling for £15! 

In addition to these purchases I also bought 2 birthday cards, some Christmas presents and some red skinny jeans (which I'll blog about at a later date)