Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My first (& only) experience with MissGuided.co.uk

After experiencing a dreadful experience with MissGuided I decided to head online and see what other girls thought of the site.. and was quite honestly baffled. There are numerous reviews for this online shop.. all of which seem to be praising the site and its fabulous clothing. If only I could relate.. I don't even know what the clothing quality is like because of my awful experience. I beleive that if you are going to shop with a certain retailer you're entitled to all views of opinions, and I am pleased (yet also disappointed!) that I'm apparently one of few to show everyone the downside to the company and how they deal with their complaints. Read on if you're interested.

(Edit: After doing some research on the MissGuided Facebook page, it seems as though I am not the only unhappy customer!)

I was chuffed when I went online and saw the selection of clothing that MissGuided has to offer - Stylish yet cheap enough to suit all budgets. I had been looking for similar clothes in my local highstreet with no luck, and so decided to give Miss Guided a go. First impressions, as already stated, were great! I loved the layout of the website and the clear pictures. I put my items in the basket and went to the checkout - no problems there at all. I even received emails throughout the transition of my order which kept my posted on the stage of my parcel. I was told that my parcel would arrive on Monday. I stayed in all day.. and yet didn't receive any parcel. I then tried to locate my parcel only to find that the status was 'Delivered' and in the comments box was 'Posted through Letterbox'. Thinking I was going mad I checked the front door again.. But no, no parcel had arrived. I then decided to check if it had been left with neighbours, but it hadn't. That's when I decided I was going to phone MissGuided's customer complaint department.. 

I went back on their fancy website.. and to my surprise they have no contact telephone numbers at all. Annoyed, I decided to email the company instead. Did I get a reply? No. Then I decided to phone the delivery company.. but their 'system was down' and so couldn't look into it for me. Fuming, I picked up the business phone book and located MissGuided's number. I called them and was told that I would receive an email within the next hour. That hour soon passed.. and the next.. and the next. I did finally get an email back over 24 hours later saying that they had looked into the situation and my parcel had been delivered on the Monday. After trying to send countless emails back explaining I HAD RECEIVED NO PARCEL the only replies I would get would be telling me my parcel had been delivered!! This was obviously very frustrating for me! I decided not to back down, and continued to email them. After asking the (moronic) customer service assistant to forward me the email of his line manager I finally got offered a refund and a 10% off my next order code. Surprising enough I will never put this code to use as I will never deal with this company again, which is a shame as I have also heard good things about them.

What have your experiences been like with this company?

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  1. This is such a shame! :/ My parcels came within 2 days and I had no trouble X