Thursday, 24 November 2011

OPI Muppets Collection - Rainbow Connection

The OPI Muppets collection has arrived! There are 12 colours in total; ranging from neutrals to bright glittery polishes! Although I love all of the colours in this collection; I am not allowed to wear nail varnish at work and so I tend to not buy many full collections. However, I have bought a few, and so I shall show you one in today's post!

As soon as I saw this colour I had to have it! This beautiful blend of colourful glitter is called 'Rainbow Connection' and can be worn alone (as shown in the picture - I could only achieve this full-on colour by applying 5 coats) or as a glittery top coat applied over any other colour.

Have you tried any colours in this collection? 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My first (& only) experience with

After experiencing a dreadful experience with MissGuided I decided to head online and see what other girls thought of the site.. and was quite honestly baffled. There are numerous reviews for this online shop.. all of which seem to be praising the site and its fabulous clothing. If only I could relate.. I don't even know what the clothing quality is like because of my awful experience. I beleive that if you are going to shop with a certain retailer you're entitled to all views of opinions, and I am pleased (yet also disappointed!) that I'm apparently one of few to show everyone the downside to the company and how they deal with their complaints. Read on if you're interested.

(Edit: After doing some research on the MissGuided Facebook page, it seems as though I am not the only unhappy customer!)

I was chuffed when I went online and saw the selection of clothing that MissGuided has to offer - Stylish yet cheap enough to suit all budgets. I had been looking for similar clothes in my local highstreet with no luck, and so decided to give Miss Guided a go. First impressions, as already stated, were great! I loved the layout of the website and the clear pictures. I put my items in the basket and went to the checkout - no problems there at all. I even received emails throughout the transition of my order which kept my posted on the stage of my parcel. I was told that my parcel would arrive on Monday. I stayed in all day.. and yet didn't receive any parcel. I then tried to locate my parcel only to find that the status was 'Delivered' and in the comments box was 'Posted through Letterbox'. Thinking I was going mad I checked the front door again.. But no, no parcel had arrived. I then decided to check if it had been left with neighbours, but it hadn't. That's when I decided I was going to phone MissGuided's customer complaint department.. 

I went back on their fancy website.. and to my surprise they have no contact telephone numbers at all. Annoyed, I decided to email the company instead. Did I get a reply? No. Then I decided to phone the delivery company.. but their 'system was down' and so couldn't look into it for me. Fuming, I picked up the business phone book and located MissGuided's number. I called them and was told that I would receive an email within the next hour. That hour soon passed.. and the next.. and the next. I did finally get an email back over 24 hours later saying that they had looked into the situation and my parcel had been delivered on the Monday. After trying to send countless emails back explaining I HAD RECEIVED NO PARCEL the only replies I would get would be telling me my parcel had been delivered!! This was obviously very frustrating for me! I decided not to back down, and continued to email them. After asking the (moronic) customer service assistant to forward me the email of his line manager I finally got offered a refund and a 10% off my next order code. Surprising enough I will never put this code to use as I will never deal with this company again, which is a shame as I have also heard good things about them.

What have your experiences been like with this company?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

19th November 2011

So last night was the joint birthday party of one of my closest friends Mum (50) and brother (21). Odd combination of ages to have a joint party I thought, but it turned out to be a pretty good night (Probably thanks to the drink!)

Friend on the left, me on the right

I wore a DIY dress from Jane Norman (I cut the mesh sleeve off!) and as you can tell from the picture.. a whole array of make-up! X

Friday, 18 November 2011

Perfect Christmas Nails!

As I'm feeling more and more festive as December approaches I decided that what better way to spend my day off than to paint my nails! I used two colours, both from the China Glaze 'Santa's Little Helpers' collection. However, both of these colours can be used separately! The colour on the left (which I used as a base colour) is called 'Icicle', and the glittery coat is called 'Tinsel Town'. Who else is feeling festive?!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Classic Outfit

Here's an outfit I put together earlier.
1. I love jumpsuits at the moment! Although my body shape cannot get away with it at all, I think they look very flattering on some people. I sometimes wish I had more confidence to pull them off! This ones from Jane Norman, although there are many similar ones floating around the high-street. I love how classic and elegant this one looks, and it can be worn during the day or dressed up for evening look. 

2. Ok, again, I could never pull one of these off! However, I love them none the less! Maybe I'll be brave enough to buy a big floaty hat next Summer...

3. I'm in love with furry bags at the moment! River Island have many lovely ones in stock so I'm definitely going to have to loosen the purse strings!

4. I have a very similar purse to this. I love neutral colours as they look simple yet classic. Mine is from River Island, but this one is from Ted Baker. 

5. How lovely are these shoes!? Heeled sandals are a favourite of mine and are    really comfortable to wear. If you have trouble keeping your heels on during a night out definitely opt for these instead!

6. I'm a huge fan of big statement jewellery, and these earrings are no exception! I have a pair like these from Topshop and I wear them all the time. I love earrings with a vintage feel!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Me & My poor bank card!

Tuesday is my day off which is usually spent in bed and lazing around the house.. But today I fancied a change! So what does a single, bored girl who's just been paid do? Go shopping of course, which is very bad news for my bank balance! 

At first I decided that I would just buy a new digital camera (after mine broke in a nightclub over 2 years ago and hadn't been replaced since) so that I could upload images onto my blog.. but it turns out that Argos is right next to a whole array of other shops too tempting to resist! 

So here's a few photos of what I bought, not including my camera which I used to take these photos (Sorry about the bad lighting - It's very dark here!):

I found this OPI set in my local Sally's, RRP £19.99.They come with these cute toe separators too! The two varnish colours are Rainbow Connection (left) and Excuse Moi! (right) which are from the new Muppets collection.

Glittery polishes, perfect for nights out.

I also found these China Glaze mini's whilst in Sally's, with an RRP of just under £10 (I think!) The camera didn't pick up the colours very well as it is very dark in my house; however, I will do swatches at some point! These are perfect Christmas colours to get you in that festive mood! From left to right; Tinsel Town, Icicle, Ring in the Red and Velvet Bow.

I have been trying to find a pair of earmuffs for a little while now and for £3 (Matalan) this pair is perfect for me! They look a little similar to the ones French Connection are currently selling for £15! 

In addition to these purchases I also bought 2 birthday cards, some Christmas presents and some red skinny jeans (which I'll blog about at a later date)


Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Top 5 Beauty Essentials!

1. Too Faced Natural Eye kit -
I was disappointed when I couldn't get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked eye palette when it was first introduced to the market as I love neutral eye colours. However, I then noticed this alternative kit by Too Faced. Feeling pessimistic about trying another product, I sheepishly opened the packaging and found myself pleasantly surprised. Inside are 9 colours split into 3 different looks; 'day', 'classic' and 'fashion' which allow you to create the perfect look. And there's no need to worry if you're not the make-up connoisseur as the kit also contains 3 helpful cards which show you how to create each look. These eye shadows are smooth, glide over the skin easily and blend really well - I love this palette!

2. Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment -
Some may say I am biased about Dermalogica products as this is the brand we use in the salon. However, there is a reason I rave about this brand, and this product is no different! I am unfortunate enough to say that I suffer from very dry lips, and no other products seem to help. This Dermalogica lip treatment is silky smooth and stays put all day. Unlike many other lip products, it doesn't just coat my lips, it works with my skin to help heal my damaged skin and provide a barrier against further climatic damage. A definate must-have, especially during those winter months!

3. Bobbi Brown Blush -
I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown's cosmetics, especially her long-lasting pigmented blush in Coral, the ideal shade to add a 'pop' of colour to your cheeks.

4. Jimmy Choo EDP -
Available in 3 different sizes; 40ml, 60ml and 100ml, this EDP is most definitely my favourite scent of the year! Not only is this heavenly scent sweet enough for day time wear, the seductive notes also make it almost impossible to resist for evening wear also. To add even more emphasis to how lovely this perfume really is, it also looks amazing on my dresser. I have had so many compliments whilst wearing this perfume, which is why it has made it on my list of top 5 beauty essentials!

5. Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer -
I owe this concealer a lot for allowing me to get away with late nights and boozy evenings! It is the ultimate concealer for covering spots, pigmentation, dark circles and redness, whilst also containing an SPF! Perfect!